Meet The Team

Jacquelyn...aka Jackie

(Owner, Designer)

Jackie wears many hats at The Posh Shop...she does the product design and development, assists in product creation, works with private clients directly, does administrative duties, and much more!  

Jackie enjoys hanging out with her husband (Colin), her mom and niece (JoJo and Megan), and her fur babies!  Jackie enjoys traveling throughout Michigan, organizing and color-coding planners, roaming the aisles of a Target, cooking and baking, art and design, singing and dancing like no one is listening or watching, pretending she is a rap goddess, swimming and tennis, wearing face masks, being an avid vegetarian, watching makeup tutorials, being an aficionado on all things Vanderpump, Real Housewives, and Kardashian, petting all the kitties and puppies, smiling, and watching reruns of Greys Anatomy while ugly crying.



JoJo, as we affectionately call her, is the mother of Jacquelyn and grandmother of Megan.  She is a crafty genius and somehow knows how to do anything in the universe and do it well.  She bravely works alongside Jackie daily, deals with her craziness, and makes all of her designs and ideas a reality.

JoJo loves anything artsy...she has designed jewelry, decorated cakes, made pottery, and everything else in between.  JoJo is known for losing herself in the aisles of Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, or, well, any store she enters.  She also gets ridiculously excited by a good piece of cake, coconut pie, or chocolate.  Her addiction to Diet Coke is as real as her hatred towards drinking plain water.



Megan works with The Posh Shop as our trusty intern.  Every week she works on organizing financials, sending out thank you emails on Etsy, gathering ideas for our social media, and more.  We have some big plans for her at The Posh Shop!

Megan currently is a full-time student at Oakland University studying business and participating in several organizations on campus.  She also works for Chrysler and with Beautiful Day Planning.  In her 'spare' time between school, homework, working, and two internships, she likes to hang out with her family and with her boyfriend.  Megan loves (in no particular order):  office supplies, bonfires, Taco Bell, playing with her cats, watching chick flicks, Vanderpump Rules, Starbucks, playing Cookie Jam on her phone, traveling, bubble tea, shopping, Target, making fun of Jackie at all times, and owning ALL of the shoes and bras.  Megan is super funny and fun to be around...and did we say sassy?  Super sassy!

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